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Hull surfers cut off by router attack

It is found that thousands of broadband user in the Hull area have been out without steady internet service of following a cyber-attack. Local telco KCOM company responsible complications for its user which began ended the weekend and leftovers ongoing on an occurrence it said was embattled at models of routers it provides to some of its users. Since last year of 26 November a important number of our users have been suffering issues reading the internet. It was recognized that the origin reason of the trouble was a cyber-attack that boards a weakness in sure broadband routers, reasoning them to smash and detach from the network. The only affected router we have supplied to customers is the ZyXel AMG1302-T10B. The vast mainstream of all users are now capable to attach to and use their broadband service as usual.

The main network was not infected at any time, and we have put in residence actions to stop future attacks from impacting our customers. ZyXel has established an application to update for the affected routers device that will address the defenselessness. In the most cases this will be practical remotely and users will not need do anything. You can learn more from Google.

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